ActionCOACH MetroNorth Teams Up with Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

ActionCOACH MetroNorth is teaming up with the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal (MSPBJ) to bring business owners a power-punched seminar on Wednesday, May 6 at the Pizza Ranch in Andover, MN. David and Tracy Ford, owners of ActionCOACH MetroNorth, and Wendy Blomseth, Account Executive at the MSPBJ know the importance of business education, which is why this collaboration is such a good fit.

“This event brings together two organizations dedicated to the success of businesses in our surrounding communities,” said Tracy.  “We’re presenting on one of three biggest challenges business owners face – improving team performance.  Because business owners don’t get paid for what they do, they get paid for what their people do, we should all want to master the art of positively influencing our team members.  It’s a win for everyone involved.”

This workshop is open to all business owners, leaders, and their team members.  A breakfast buffet will be served to all attendees.