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The Decision Was Worth It

Every day we’re making decisions; some more trivial than others. Then there comes those decisions with that proverbial fork-in-the-road. Which path do you take? Jim Mehle of Avartec, Inc in Anoka is very excited he made the choice to work with ActionCOACH North. He recently sent us an email sharing this excitement on his wins.

Happy Friday!

Just wanted to let you know that [ActionCOACH North] has exceeded my expectations. It’s nice to know that I now have something more than my conscience to report to with progress! And on top of that, I’m at the point where I trust you nearly as much as my conscience (actually, maybe more… but I’ll never admit it!).

I’m on Cloud 9 with my accomplishments since signing up with you just 4 weeks ago. Hope to be nothing less than your #1 case study example from now and into the future. Due to your expertise, guidance, and encouragement, we just exceeded the best January ever since 2002 by over 10%!!!!! Thank you!

Jim is looking forward to making more positive changes as he charges ahead with the vision he has for his business.

At ActionCOACH North, we coach with clear direction, focused action, to get real results.