Is Every Business Exactly the Same or Different?

Is every business exactly the same or different? This may sound like a trick question. It’s interesting how often we’re asked, “How can you coach my business when you’re not an <insert profession here — manufacturer, attorney, chiropractor>?” Good question.

Here’s the best answer. Your business isn’t any different from anybody else.

Let us explain…

The #1 goal of every business is to…MAKE MONEY. That happens when your business creates, or purchases products and services, then sells them to make a profit. In that way, they’re all the same.

Business formulas, along with ActionCOACHes unique formulas, are concrete. They never change. For example, your leads (the people you contact or contact you) multiplied by your conversion rate (the % of people that actually bought) will always equal your number of customers. Always.

But, here’s the flip side — every business is a reflection of the business owner; their vision, their skills, and their constraints. This is where variables come into play that are unique to them — it makes them different. These variables have the ability to hold back business owners from growing and ultimately affecting the bottom line. Because they’re not discriminating to any one industry, our business principles and strategies help to give business owners solutions.

So, yes, every business is the same and different at the same time. And, no, we don’t have to be the skilled-laborer on the technical side of the business — making things, arguing a case, or adjusting backs. We have to know how to get results. That, my friend, you will find in our client numbers and raving fans.