Self-Mastery of Your Schedule Step 8 of 11: Importance of Delegating

As a business owner, in Minneapolis or around the world, you probably have a bigger workload than anyone else in your business. Being able to delegate your work is a great step into managing your time and workload. When deciding what to delegate, start with the same funnel that we’ve been talking about in the last two self-mastery blogs from Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time by Rory Vaden. The three things to ask when coming across a potential distraction or future task is to see if you can eliminate it, automate it, or delegate it.



Delegating tasks you give to someone else is never easy (in the beginning). In your hands, you know exactly what is being done and doing it the way you know will work. There’s a solution! When handing over a task, you are now giving ownership to someone else. They need to “own it.” In order for them to own it, an understanding of the process and expectations need to be discussed and confirmed. Give the team member a chance to repeat back what the process and expectations are and make sure they ask questions along the way to gain clarification. If they are going to own it, they must understand it.

Are they going to have questions in the future? Look back at our blog on how to teach team members to problem solve. This way, you’re empowering them with the ability to come up with the best solution.


The idea of delegating doesn’t entirely mean you have no responsibility with checking on the progress. This isn’t micromanaging, this is leading and holding others accountable. By using reports and scorecards, it’s possible to check in on weekly reports and touch base with team members once or twice a month, depending on the frequency that suits the task and the team member best.

Remember, the more tasks you take off your plate, the more time you have for creating real value and growth within your company. If you are looking for other ways to help your team or grow your business strong and steady, contact one of our coaches. We are happy to help you discover all you can in your organization.

Now that you have eliminated, automated, or delegated your tasks, what’s next? Find out in our next self-mastery blog. Getting a hold on your schedule is a huge part of success, and we’re here to help!