Addressing Concerns with Employees — Where do you start?

Whether you’re dealing with small or large employee concerns, the PPC approach is a systematic way to help leaders talk through, what most believe, is an awkward or unpleasant situation. It addresses a challenge in a less critical manner.

What is PPC and how do I use it?

PPC stands for Positive, Potential, and Concern.

Positive: Start by listing one or two of the positive things you see about this employee.

Potential: What could be great about this employee and the value you see them adding to the organization.

Concern: Here is where you address the concern and how it impacts the Potential you named.


Joe, I’m really impressed with your commitment to getting your tasks completed and the quality in which they’re done. I see great potential with you increasing in your responsibilities and moving up in the company. My concern is how late you’ve been coming to work and how it may impact your ability to be the leader I know you can be.

You’ve opened the conversation up focusing on what’s right and because of how the concern is addressed, it lowers the walls of defensiveness and encourages an open dialogue that will lead to a resolution. You can be sure they’ll leave your office feeling better because you created an environment of problem solving.