Self Mastery of Your Schedule Step 2 of 11: The Myth of Multitasking

In step 1, we talked about how mastering your schedule started with simply recording what you do during specific time slots throughout your day. Whether you have a business in Minneapolis, like us, or are across the country, starting with this step can help any business owner find their way to mastering their schedule. Now that you know what you use your time for, we can move onto myths and strategies.

Let’s talk about the myth of multitasking.


Let’s test it.

First, take out a piece of paper and pen. Keep some space for a couple of different exercises.

Write out the following:

  • In one row, see how fast you can write “how good” with ascending numbers starting with one in between each letter. In the end, it should look like, “H 1 O 2 W 3 G 4 O 5 O 6 D 7.”

  • In another row, see how fast you can write the words, “How good” with the numbers one through seven next to it. In the end, it should look like, “HOW GOOD 1234567.”

Which one did you do faster?


This is what multitasking is like versus taking one thing at a time. Most likely, the first one took some time, certainly longer than the second. In the first exercise, you had to multitask by writing out words and count up at the same time. In the second, you wrote out the words first and the numbers second.


You might think that you’re doing two things at once efficiently, but it becomes a problem when you have to break the rhythm of your work. You lose momentum.

So when you look at time, multitasking is really an interruption in what's going on in your work day. You have your primary work. You have an interruption. You reorient. You get back to your primary work. You have an interruption. You reorient. On average, 23 minutes and 15 seconds of every hour is unproductive because of interruptions and reorienting and getting started.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to master your schedule.

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