Meet Our Coaches: Adam Wallschlaeger


Adam Wallschlaeger brings a unique perspective to the ActionCOACH team. His thoughtful and in-depth questions are just the start to all the ah-ha moments. With each question comes an answer that leads the client out of a thick forest and into a clearing where the fog has lifted. This is the space he creates where action steps are clear and focus can be achieved!

At ActionCOACH MN, we know. We were there in 2008 with the devastating market crash — helping business owners save their homes and business. We still remember. What we remember most is if you don’t quit, you win!

Answer this every day for yourself, “Today I choose {fill in the blank}.” At ActionCOACH MN, we choose commitment. We choose to build. We choose to press forward. We choose innovation. We choose to fight.

We have always been there for the business owner and this global event doesn’t change our focus.

We are ready to help you no matter where your starting line is. We are the people you want to walk alongside with in a journey back to a STRONG and SUSTAINABLE business.

Our focus still remains to train business owners to GROW STRONG & STEADY, make MORE MONEY, enjoy MORE TIME, and build A BETTER TEAM.

If you haven’t found help when help was needed, come to us. We would be happy to sit down with you for a FREE Action Plan discussion.