All coaching programs include:


Once a quarter you’ll be involved in a half-day planning session where you’ll receive advanced business principles and education.

Along with 70+ business owners and team members, you’ll go through an extensive checklist that covers all areas of your business. At the end, you will have identified the top areas to address in your business for the next 90 days.

Expert Coaching

Over 3300 business owners, leaders, and team members benefiting from over 10,450 coaching hours and 2179 speaking hours.

We have generated a total of over 16 million dollars in revenue into the local economy and have added 91 jobs from 2013-2015.

Be confident in having the best to help navigate your world of business.

121 Coaching

A personalized program consisting of different levels with stages reflecting your learning and unique growth needs as a business owner. Your commitment, progress, and results all work hand-in- hand catapulting you to a higher level of performance.

Your program will begin with a Strategic Alignment Session – an in-depth look at your business and personal goals. The process ensures that you, your business partner(s), and your entire team have a clear understanding of what you need to achieve to get you to where you want to be. The result is crucial pieces of information needed for a step-by- step Action Plan for you and your Coach to move forward.

Group Coaching


This monthly, interactive 2-hour group is perfect for the small business owner and leader looking to achieve greater control and direction of their business. Most activities are done in class so each session has the opportunity for you to ask questions and get feedback on your current situation.


This 6 month program meets twice per month, in a classroom setting. We’ll cover every key subject that is important for your business to grow and excel – cash flow, marketing, leadership, sales, communication, systems, team, budgets, and MORE! In addition, you’ll receive two 90-minute individualized Action Plan Sessions during the course of your program to lay out action steps for your goals.

Free Action Plan

In your Free 90-minute Action Plan Session, you’ll tell us your story, your passion, your wins, and where you’re stuck. You’ll find you’re not alone and discover that amongst any chaos there’s a systematic way to your solutions.

Set your team up for success

We would be happy to answer your questions, including pricing. When you decide to move forward with us, your Coach will schedule a phone conversation with you to get your input and tailor our approach to make sure we are meeting your needs.