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Financial Specialist

Bobbi is the Financial Specialist for ActionCOACH MN.

Bobbi develops and maintains budgets and tracking data for the firm, along with every other spreadsheet the firm operates on. If we need to quantify a task, Bobbi will create an accurate measurement for it. It’s pure genius — and she doesn’t even wear a pocket protector — but she has lots of colored sharpies.

Bobbi holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in business administration and can do Quickbooks with her eyes closed. In her young age, she’s grown through the education received from ActionCOACH and her sharp co-workers. At this point, she can coach and stretch anyone out of their comfort zone.

Her household is full of B's -- that's Bobbi, Ben, Brody, and Blair. She spends much of her day knee deep in Brody's toys compiled of tractors, trucks, and fishing stuff. Thankfully, Blair came along with a smile that sparkles enough to clean the mud Brody tracked into the house. When you have time to talk, she could share the amazing superhuman momma story of how and when they bought their new home. An inside hint: 24 hours after giving birth to their second baby.

Watch out because this girl knows how to hunt deer and reel in a trophy bass (or walleye), which is one of the reasons she caught the eye of her husband. Her cricut machine fulfills her creative side, her meal preps fulfills her obsessive organizational side, and her family, friends, and miniature Yorkie fulfill her fuzzy and fun side.