We Are What We Believe

Our Vision

To magnify success in business owners
in order to create an opportunity-filled life for all.

Our Mission 

ActionCOACH MN is a passionate team of experienced professionals who believe business should be fun!

We maximize business potential through life-long learning to achieve excellence with both creative and systematic problem solving techniques.

Our diverse skill set and proven process creates measurable results, which are based on open communication and commitment to action.

We work with business owners and their teams from all types of industries who want:

MORE Business. MORE Time. MORE Money. MORE Invested Team Members.

We implement our mission through fun educational workshops, seminars, team training, and individual accountability sessions.

Our Culture

Success. Happiness. Integrity. Teamwork.


We Are Our Story

Who is ActionCOACH?

ActionCOACH MN has been helping business owners since 2007, which has resulted in thousands of business owners growing their businesses by engaging in business coaching, group coaching, team trainings, executive consulting, seminars, and workshops.

In 2017 the average profit increase of the businesses we’ve been serving for 12 months or longer was an astonishing 36%. We serve businesses in all of Minnesota, with the highest concentration in the Metro North, ranging in revenue from $100K to $25 million. The businesses we serve are from all industries: professional services, retail, trades, and manufacturing.

ActionCOACH MN is a group of national award winning coaches. Our success can be attributed to the community we have created as a firm and the ActionCOACH global community.

If you want to think bigger, you have to expose yourself to bigger people. That’s why we receive consistent, continuing training from some of the best the business industry has to offer.

We help business owners make MORE money, have MORE time, and build a BETTER team.


 David Ford

CEO, Master Coach & Presenter


Dave discovered his passion for Business Coaching when he experienced the challenges of running a business alone. He is excited when business owners choose to objectively look at their business, make the hard and scary decisions, and most importantly, take the necessary action to follow through.

Dave spent 10 years as a Project Manager in the circuit board manufacturing business from quoting, purchasing, production and delivery schedules, and job costing. He uses all of these tools to help business owners make better decisions so they can grow exponentially.

His superpower lies in the one critical ingredient that often gets overlooked—having a complete understanding of the numbers that drive your business: budgets, cash-flow forecast, and cost-analysis. Like a mad-scientist with formulas, Dave has the ability to create straightforward spreadsheets to give business owners the financial story that will continue to drive them forward.

Dave is a sought after coach, presenter, and trainer. He has helped hundreds of confident, intelligent, and ambitious business owners successfully improve their businesses. He continues to be in the Top 100 Coaches Worldwide.

Dave enjoys doing remodeling projects around the house, watching movies with his family, and spending time outdoors in the summer, as well as, watching an occasional game or two.


Client Awards

2019 Best Manufacturer
2019 Best Customer Service
2018 Best Service Based
2018 Best Overall Company
2016 Best Manufacturer
2016 CEO of the Year
2015 Best Overall Company
2015 Best Manufacturer / Wholesaler
2014 Best Company Culture (Best Company to Work For)
2014 Minnesota Top 100 Businesses to Work For
2013 Best Overall Company
2012 Fastest Growing Company

Coach Awards & Accolades

2018 i94 Biz Excellence - Leadership Award 2017 Franchisee of the Year
Most Award WINNING Coaching Firm in North America
TOP100 Coaches World Wide
GLOBAL Coach Trainer
Host The Business Forum Show
2012 Most Improved Coach Award – The Americas


 Tracy Ford

Firm Partner, Senior Coach & Presenter


Tracy’s passion originates from 15 years in the advertising and printing industries. Her creative mind and her eye for design are just a couple of the reasons why marketing is one of her biggest strengths.

Tracy has a unique connection with business owners that stems from her own personal journey; she once was a business owner trying to do it all herself. She actually discovered her passion for business coaching as an ActionCOACH client. She understands what it’s like to be a business owner with, and without, a coach.

Tracy started working with ActionCOACH MN in 2008, and in 2010, she became a certified Business Coach. Her purpose is to help business owners achieve the life goals they went into business for in the first place.

Tracy understands a decision by itself changes nothing, rather, the plan of execution to do something different does – this is why she is 100% committed to helping business owners create the systems that are necessary to enable consistent and predictable business results. She understands the importance of growth through education, implementation, and accountability.

Tracy enjoys the outdoors, well, in the summer, anyway. She enjoys gardening, hiking, and biking with her family. During the winter months she enjoys creating amazing meals, getting together with friends, and traveling to warmer climates.


Client Awards

2019 Entrepreneur of the Year
2019 Best Retailer
2019 Best Overall Company
2018 Best Manufacturer
2017 Best Retailer
2017 Best Community Impact
2016 Fastest Growing
2016 Best Retailer
2015 CEO of the Year
2015 Women in Business Award
2014 Best Retailer
2014 Best Customer Service Results
2013 Fastest Growing Company
2012 Best Customer Service

Coach Awards & Accolades

2018 i94 Biz Excellence - Leadership Award 2017 Franchisee of the Year
Most AWARD WINNING Firm in North America
2012 SeminarCOACH Award – The Americas
2011 ActionMAN Award of Excellence – The America


Adam Wallschlaeger

Certified Business Coach


Adam has a long record of successfully guiding clients to build strong and direct relationships with their target market. He is dedicated to serving by helping, teaching, and educating business owners on their journey of building a thriving business as a legacy for their family and community.

Adam is driven to learn from industry leaders, mentors, and peers because he knows the importance of continuing education. He works every angle of a challenge, leaving no stone unturned, to get positive results.

The discipline Adam practices in his life carries over to hold clients accountable as they work towards their goals. Adam is a lifter and leader of the entire team at ActionCOACH.


Client Awards

2019 Young Entrepreneur of the Year

COACH Awards & Accolades

2019 TOP 25 Associate Business Coach
2018 i94 Biz Excellence - Leadership Award 2017 Franchisee of the Year

Most AWARD WINNING Firm in North America


 Carmen Morehead

Client Care Specialist


Carmen has been with the ActionCOACH team since 2009.

Organizes and manages all client workshops and events. With an attention to detail, she is responsible for managing these tasks from inception to completion.

Perfectionist at heart, yet understands (sometimes) a desire for progression is more easily attained. Uncommon, by most standards, in her approach to life; she hardly follows the crowd yet loves the company. A dissection of her brain would most likely resemble the inside of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory — there’s always something being created. She believes that listening is an art and notes should be taken in color.

Highly motivated by the vision of what businesses will become when they engage with ActionCOACH. She recognizes the freedom, the focus, the self-awareness, and the positive change of these business owners through forward movement.

Always moving by being active in running and workouts. Her eyes want to see new things and legs to hike new territory. Her Adventure-Map continues to have pins added to new places. Carmen is married to her husband, Mike, for 26 years with one daughter and son in-law who gave them a granddaughter, a son studying at NDSU, and their youngest in high school.


 Bobbi Wilmes

Financial Specialist


Bobbi is the Financial Specialist for ActionCOACH MN.

She is the first face you see walking through our office doors (Thank God, right?!)

Bobbi develops and maintains budgets and tracking data for the firm, along with every other spreadsheet the firm operates on. If we need to quantify a task, Bobbi will create an accurate measurement for it. It’s pure genius — and she doesn’t even wear a pocket protector — but she has lots of colored sharpies.

Bobbi holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in business administration and can do Quickbooks with her eyes closed. In her young age, she’s grown through the education recieved from ActionCOACH and her sharp co-workers. At this point, she can coach and stretch anyone out of their comfort zone.

Watch out because this girl knows how to hunt deer and reel in a trophy bass (or walleye), which is one of the reasons she caught the eye of her fiance. Her cricut machine fulfills her creative side, her meal preps fulfills her obsessive organizational side, and her friends, family, and minature Yorkie fulfills her fuzzy and fun side.


Grace setterberg

Business Development Specialist 

Grace Setterbert_actioncoach business coaching mpls.jpg

Grace joined the ActionCOACH team in July 2019.

Grace’s role at ActionCoach will place her out and about in the community meeting and learning more about the businesses and people that make our world so unique. She loves meeting new people, uncovering both commonalities and idiosyncrasies in each personality.

She is fresh out of the academia system with a degree in Organizational Communication, which means she will have the best written emails in the office :). Coming from a family of 10 siblings, she wrote the book on “How to Stay Calm in the Midst of Chaos”.

Because communication is the key to life and success, Grace believes there is no such thing as “too much communication”. Communication keeps businesses organized, it develops friendships, and strengthens relationships.

With an attention to detail, Grace leads our team in planning and coordinating our educational workshop events with local businesspeople, associations, and chambers. She shares in the excitement and passion of others who want to learn for the benefit of growing and transforming into better people. She is highly organized and committed to serving others in a way that best fits their business needs.

Grace wears glasses. Smart people wear glasses. She also married her childhood crush in May of 2018. She loves the outdoors and being anywhere near water, whether that be boating, kayaking, or paddle boarding. Her favorite summer activity is tubing down the Mississippi river with her husband and a group of friends. Her ideal Saturday morning consists of watching The Office on her front porch, unlimited coffee, and snuggling with her 50-pound standard poodle, Louise.