David Ford

CEO, Master Coach & Presenter

Client Awards

  • 2015 Best Overall Company
  • 2015 Best Manufacturer / Wholesaler
  • 2014 Best Company Culture (Best Company to Work For)
  • 2014 Minnesota Top 100 Businesses to Work For
  • 2013 Best Overall Company
  • 2012 Fastest Growing Company

Coach Awards & Accolades

  • Most Award WINNING Coaching Firm in North America
  • TOP100 Coaches World Wide
  • GLOBAL Coach Trainer
  • Host The Business Forum Show
  • 2012 Most Improved Coach Award – The Americas

Dave discovered his passion for Business Coaching when he experienced the challenges of running a business alone. He is excited when business owners choose to objectively look at their business, make the hard and scary decisions, and most importantly, take the necessary action to follow through.

Dave spent 10 years as a Project Manager in the circuit board manufacturing business from quoting, purchasing, production and delivery schedules, and job costing. He uses all of these tools to help business owners make better decisions so they can grow exponentially.

His superpower lies in the one critical ingredient that often gets overlooked—having a complete understanding of the numbers that drive your business: budgets, cash-flow forecast, cost-analysis. Like a mad-scientist with formulas, Dave has the ability to create straightforward spreadsheets to give business owners the financial story that will continue to drive them forward.

Dave understands if you’re going to compete in today’s marketplace, you have to produce a quality product delivered by quality team members. He knows every business is positively impacted by an attitude of excellence and unique personality traits of each and every team member.

Dave is a sought after coach, presenter, and trainer. He has helped hundreds of confident, intelligent, and ambitious business owners successfully improve their businesses. He continues to be in the Top 100 Coaches Worldwide.

Dave enjoys doing remodeling projects around the house, watching movies with his family, and spending time outdoors in the summer with his family, as well as, watching an occasional game or two.

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