Make MORE money,
Have MORE time,
and build a BETTER team

Is that so hard?


Minnesota Business coaching programs

Why Business Coaching?

Are you experiencing the challenge of knowing exactly how to grow your business?


Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the hats you need to wear every day?

Stop stressing and start seeing results in your Minnesota business. Business coaching can help business owners make MORE money, have MORE time, and build a BETTER team. We help you by providing the education needed to build your business, as well as, helping create and execute an Action Plan that gets results.

business coaching can help you with…



You may be finding it difficult to hire valuable team members that are invested in your business. In order to grow your business, you need people that go the extra mile, instead of employees who end up being liabilities verses being an asset.


Team development

Team development and employee communication can be the number one biggest challenge you face as a business owner. With little to no leadership personality training, business owners like you can become frustrated and many times either ignore the problem or explode, which only adds to the issues you’re facing.


business development

Coaching can help you develop the strategies you need to stop wearing all the hats and build a successful business. Our business coaching with help you find the time you need to grow your business through marketing, sales, focusing on the numbers, managing their team, and developing systems to maximize efficiencies.

ActionCOACH MN offers business coaching, group coaching, team training, succession planning, leadership development and business training, executive coaching, seminars, and workshops for the small to medium sized business community. If you need help growing your business or team, we’re here to help. We offer a complimentary action plan coaching session to all business owners who want to find out whether business coaching is for them.

All coaching programs include:



Once a quarter you’ll be involved in a half-day planning session where you’ll receive advanced business principles and education.

Along with 70+ business owners and team members, you’ll go through an extensive checklist that covers all areas of your business. At the end, you will have identified the top areas to address in your business for the next 90 days.


Expert Coaching

Over 3300 business owners, leaders, and team members have benefited from over 10,450 coaching hours and 2179 speaking hours.

We have generated a total of over 16 million dollars in revenue into the local economy and have added 91 jobs from 2013-2015.

Be confident in having the best to help navigate your world of business.


121 Coaching

$695 - $2750 / month

Discover a personalized program consisting of different levels with stages reflecting your learning and unique growth needs as a business owner. Your commitment, progress, and results all work hand-in-hand catapulting you to a higher level of performance.

We’ve been with ActionCOACH MN since April 2016 and have seen an 87% increase in profit!  They’ve really helped me build a team that’s given me more of a life in my business.  I’ve gone from being a beat-up business owner doing the work to really relying on my team. 

Wymond Wong, Owner | Twin City Heating and Air

We’ve been with ActionCOACH MN since 2012.  My business has taken a dramatic shift going from not getting paid to 150% revenue growth! We’re not an overnight success.  It’s about doing the right work consistently!

Brenda Nolby, Owner | Jam Hops Gymnastics

We’ve been with ActionCOACH MN since May 2016.  Hiring strategies, financials, systems, all these pillars of business success--we didn’t know what we didn’t know!  Now, we’re learning every day.  We are at 28% revenue growth, and for the restaurant industry, that is huge!  

Tim and Liz Koch, Owners | The Mad Hatter Restaurant


Our Coaching Process Is Packed With Value



Your orientation is vital to success in the coaching program. We will review what you can expect from the program, from your coaches, and what your coaches will expect from you. This is a group session and is held once a month.


Action plan

The ActionPLAN is the foundation of your coaching program. It builds out your action steps for the next 90-days. We recommend all decision makers be involved in this process.


90 day strategic planning

90-Day Strategic Planning is a half-day quarterly workshop where advanced business principles and strategies are taught. We go through an extensive inventory list that covers all areas of your business, and at the end, select the top areas we need to address.


Financial Reviews

Your numbers tell a story and we want to help educate, motivate, and enable you to focus on your financial targets, make changes where needed, and celebrate wins. Your financial review is a 20 minute video conference and happens once a quarter.


Weekly coaching

Your 121 weekly coaching sessions follow and focus on your goals set in the 90-Day Strategic Planning event and your ActionPlan Session. Each week is an opportunity to take steps closer to completing those goals, address challenges that come up, and celebrate wins. No matter what, it’s always about forward movement


adventure day

Adventure Day is a fun, adventurous SECRET summer event which is only for the business owner or business partners. After the event, we discuss personal learnings and relate it back to business.


COR Classes

COR Clases are a series of 12 business education classes taught over 6-months; 2 classes/month. These classes are a catalyst to learning new and exciting things, helps you become a better leader, network with like-minded business owners, and accelerate your coaching program.



$265/month | 6 month investment | 1 year membership | 24 classes

This bi-monthly business program is perfect for the small business owner and leader looking to participate in business education classes with topics and a schedule that fits your business needs and availability. All learning is delivered via classroom so you can get the most out of discussions with an opportunity to increase your business knowledge and be coached by expert trainers.


"[This program] offers insight, solutions, and brainstorming sessions with other like-minded business owners.  It has proven to be an instrumental part of my growth as a leader and owner." ~ Princess Party Pals


"…these classes are turning me into a businessperson.  Concepts and ideas addressed in class have taken others’ years of failures and successes to figure out." ~ Dettling Chiropractic Rehab and Performance

our COR CLASS program includes:


90 day strategic planning


cor classes


There’s More!

Introducing Adventure Day

A bonus celebration of teamwork and accomplishment

Adventure Day is a fun SECRET summer event…

Adventure Day is a fun SECRET summer event which is only for business owners or business partners. This event is designed to get you out of your business to experience being comfortable in the uncomfortable.  Placing yourself in situations where things don’t always go as planned helps you learn to cope with the uncertainties in life. 

Adventure day takeaways:

  • Discover the leader within you through our out-of-your-comfort-zone activities

  • Increase your capacity as a leader

  • Improve your mental health by experiencing something new and exciting

  • Apply learning to your business and personal life

  • Have fun

After the event we discuss personal learnings and relate it back to business.

We’ve navigated rough waters, balanced 30-feet in the air, dodged paintballs (well, some of us), quenched our need-for-speed, and played a twisted game of volleyball. 

Get ready for a fun-filled, community building, what-am-I-made-of CLIENT ONLY EVENT!