Carmen Morehead

Operations, Client Care, & Creative Designer

Carmen has been with the ActionCOACH team since 2009.

Organizes and manages marketing operations. She is an extension of the Firms day to day efforts to reach targets and deliver on their strategic goals; assisting in the needs of clients and prospects.

Collaborates in team efforts for marketing, social media, and educational workshops. With an attention to detail, she is responsible for managing these tasks from inception to completion.

Perfectionist at heart, yet understands (sometimes) a desire for progression is more easily attained. Uncommon, by most standards, in her approach to life; hardly follows the crowd yet loves the company. A dissection of her brain would most likely resemble the inside of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory-there’s always something being created. Believes that listening is an art and notes should be taken in color.

Highly motivated by the vision of what businesses will become when they engage with ActionCOACH. She recognizes the freedom, the focus, the self-awareness, and the positive change of these business owners through forward movement.

If Joe’s Crab Shack had a membership, she would be the first to join. If NIKE creates a shoe that does the running for her, she would enter more marathons. She has her sights set on a vacation to Bora Bora. Carmen is married to her husband, Mike, for 25 years with two adult children, and the youngest one a junior in high school.  

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