A Measuring Mark for a Healthy Business


Meet Jeremy Flaten, President of JerCo Construction?and ActionCOACH MetroNorth client. He was recently selected as one of 70 Metro Area Young Entrepreneurs featured in Minnesota Business Magazine. While awards are an honor to receive and be recognized by others (we love awards!), there is a completely different benchmark in which to gauge the health of your business — vacation time. After 7 years, Jeremy took a vacation this year…with his family…for 10 days! And his business partner was gone at the same time!

Sure, anyone can take a vacation, even a business owner. But can you really take a vacation?

The key questions to ask yourself when you’ve come home are:

Was it relaxing?

Did you work, daily?

Did you come back to a mess?

In which case, the answers should be:

Yes, it was relaxing.

No, I did not work.

No, I did not come back to a mess.

Realize vacations can be a measure of how well your business is doing. With systems in place, a reliable team on board, and a healthy bottom line Jeremy was confident the business he was leaving was going to run without him.

You see, Jeremy is working towards something most business owners can’t (or won’t) even fathom– becoming the true definition of a business, which is, a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you.