Is Your Household Income Common or Uncommon?


Consider the question “Is your household income common or uncommon?” Typically, we compare ourselves to our friends and family; those who are in our circles of influence.  The popular response is to say our income is common — average if you will.

Take a moment to take the following quiz to see just how common your income really is.

Grab a piece of paper and take your best guess as to the gross income of the 50%, 25%, 10%, 5%, and 1% of households in America.

No peaking below until you’ve come up with your answers!  When you’re done, compare your answers to the REAL answers below.

After reviewing the actual numbers and finding out where you fall, let us ask the question, again, is your household income common or uncommon?  Now that you know, you need to start thinking differently.

Financial products in the marketplace are built and sold for the masses with the common income in mind.  Here’s the point, if you want to become wealthy and protect your money, you have to consider uncommon advice.

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