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COR Class - Part 1 - LEADERSHIP

  • Hampton Inn Brooklyn Park 9470 West Broadway Avenue Brooklyn Park, MN, 55445 United States (map)

COR Class - Part 1 - LEADERSHIP


PART 1 - Be the Leader, Be the Coach in Your Business

Am I building people or am I building my dream and using people to do it?

JOIN US as we teach on your favorite subject: Leadership

Everything rises and falls on leadership. While many would change that to say, “Almost everything rises and falls on leadership.” We tend to have a desire to look for the exception instead of the desire to become exceptional.

The President of Hyatt Hotels was quoted as saying, “If there is anything I have learned in my 27 years in the service industry, it is this: 99 percent of all employees want to do a good job. How they perform is simply a reflection of the one for whom they work.”

JOIN US to learn how to inspire others in your vision and goals by becoming a great leader and exhibiting the characteristics that motivates others to achieve the results you’re looking for in your business.

There are multiple levels of leadership. JOIN US to find out what level you are on now and what level you could be at! That’s right – leadership is not an exclusive club for those who were “born with it.”

You have your business foundation – now build on it! COR Class is a series of 12 in-depth business classes covering key principles and strategies in order for you and your business to continually move forward. Our COR Class members are consistently given business tools and in-class coaching that ranges from Marketing and Sales, Financials and Leadership, to Culture and Team.

We invite business owners to try out 1 class for FREE. Go ahead and be our guest. We encourage you to grab hold of this information and run with it!NOW is the time to say YES to your business!

 Clear Direction.  Focused Action.  Real Results.