You’re not SELLING… You’re building a RELATIONSHIP!!

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To increase sales start by building relationships with your customers through service that comes from the heart.

Jonny-the-Bagger-150x125As your view this video, you will be inspired and yet there is nothing here that would feel like selling but yet that’s what Johnny the Bagger does. People come in just because of Johnny.

Here’s another example. Let’s say you walk into an auto repair center and are greeted with, “MORNING JOE!! How was your weekend?” You feel great and you talk about the weekend for a few minutes. You feel special, like they really care about you. That’s why you don’t bring your car anywhere else. We’ve all had that experience, and we really enjoy doing business with those businesses.

Now I’m also sure you’ve had this experience also. You walk into the auto repair center, walk up to the counter. The service writer is sitting at his computer typing something in and doesn’t even acknowledge you. Then Joe, who’s been sitting there waiting for his car walks up to the counter. The service writer immediately turns and says,” Hey Joe, what’s UP”!! He talks with Joe for a minute, then Joe goes back to sit down. Then he turns to you and either gives you the really blah, ‘hi what can I do for you” or he gives you the shocked,” I didn’t see you standing there”. Both comments leave you with the feeling that he doesn’t really want to talk to you. Why would you ever go there a second time?

To increase sales, it’s really as simple as treating every customer/client like they are JOE! If you do that successfully you’ll actually have customers stopping in or contacting you just to say hi. They feel like you are a now friends, that’s the goal. You make a customer a friend; you have a friend for life. Take some time to think about how you want to be treated; it’s your opportunity to make that person’s day.

You are probably familiar with the old tagline ‘Be like Mike’; well I suggest ‘Be like Johnny’ to every Joe. Treat every single person that calls your business, or comes in your door, like they are your best friend!

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