Why Do So Many Of Us Fear Selling?

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The difference between old selling and new selling methods may help overcome those fears.

What do you think of when you hear the word sales person? Take a minute to write them down. Do you see many positive words?

If you are like so many of us you have a negative view of sales people so you may have a lot of negative words on your list. What it really comes down to is the difference between old selling and new selling methods.

With the old selling method there is no relationship. When it comes to making the sale we are pushing a product or service and being aggressive. Then once the sale is done we simply move onto the next sale. This approach is all about the seller… The seller only cares about making the sale and not what’s best for the customer.

So, what is selling really? When it comes down to selling we need to build rapport or trust, overcome client fears, make people feel comfortable, and problem solving. Tom Hopkins recently wrote “Finding that common ground is critical to building a level of trust that lowers sales resistance”. So how do you do that? Let’s take a look outside of the box.

When you’re sick you go to the doctor and what does he or she do? They ask you lots of questions about how you’re feeling and what’s been going on in your life. It’s pretty simple in this situation to understand why; to diagnosis what’s wrong so they can recommend the right treatment plan.

Now many of you may be wondering what does this have to do with selling. Let’s take a deeper look into what is happening here. When they are asking you all these questions you are starting to think and feel that they care about you AND you are starting to trust them. I bet you didn’t realize doctors are so tricky… But now that they have spent time getting to know you and understanding your problem. They now are better equipped to making a recommended treatment plan. Plus you now trust them enough to follow it.

So all selling really is; is getting to know your potential client or customer. Finding out what their problem or needs are; getting them to trust you and making the right recommendation to fill their need or to fix their problem. It is all about the client or customer not about you the seller.
So why do so many of us fear selling? We are afraid others will see us as those pushy sales people who only have their best interests at hand. Now turn your thinking upside down and see it as a chance to truly help someone.

The very basic elements are to helping those potential clients and customers are… ask lots of questions… truly listen… and give them the solution that will best help them.

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