Spring Cleaning Your Business

Spring is officially here and there it’s no better time to clean up your business. This could include cleaning out your desk drawers, dusting off the shelves, or taking a step back to examine your business. Although spring cleaning for your office may sound like a big task, it will bring a sense of … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Be A Leader in Your Business

The key to managing a successful business is consistent and effective leadership. The best leaders are successful, inspiring, and earn the respect of their team. Read on for six ways to be a better leader in your business.Have Consistency. Leaders are consistent in their behavior, their actions, and … [Read more...]

3 Leadership Lessons Every Business Owner Can Learn From the Movie, Braveheart.

As a business owner, if your leadership is wavering, it's possible your team will too.  A good place to start is at the core of your business -- its VISION.   Any “commoner” can gain lessons from the movie, Braveheart, and main character, William Wallace.  Let’s look at the fundamental applications … [Read more...]

Small Business Owners: If You’re Not Growing, You May Have a Foundation Problem

Carmen Morehead says that building a big business doesn’t require tape and scissors   In order for you to have a big vision for your small business, you have to THINK big, BE creative, BE driven! It’s all about “Go Big or Go Home” if you want to play with the big boys, right? So, that’s why … [Read more...]

A Framework For Making Good Decisions in Your Business

Setting the framework for small business owners   What impacts the ability to make choices and move on them in business? A leader in a small business makes hundreds of decisions every week. On a daily basis you make decisions that impact your team, your finances, and how to spend your … [Read more...]