Keep It Simple for Success

ActionCOACH MN says: Doing the right things right, every day, is the only way to create long term business success   Small businesses usually start out fairly simple. A limited number of team members, sometimes just the owner. Consistency is easy; the same person is doing every job. It … [Read more...]

The Small Business Nemesis: The Inflated EGO

Warning Signs and Solutions for Leaders and Team Members to Know and Combat the Dreaded EGO.   This evil small business nemesis lurks among leaders and team members everywhere. He drives a car that runs over everyone else, he enlarges the details of a story, and he wants to look better than … [Read more...]

To Have A Winning Team You Must Have 100% Commitment.

Your Small Business Is Only As Good As Your Weakest Employee.   100% Involvement = 100% Commitment What does this mean? 100% involvement means that each team member is 100% committed to the team and its success. In other words, the team member shows up for the game, on time, consistently, … [Read more...]