3 Leadership Lessons Every Business Owner Can Learn From the Movie, Braveheart.

As a business owner, if your leadership is wavering, it's possible your team will too.  A good place to start is at the core of your business -- its VISION.   Any “commoner” can gain lessons from the movie, Braveheart, and main character, William Wallace.  Let’s look at the fundamental applications … [Read more...]

Moving On – From Disappointment to Success

Every business owner experiences failures, to be successful means being able to move on   You have reached every goal you set for yourself and your small business right on schedule. Running your business has been a walk in the park. No? If you are not where you thought you would be when you … [Read more...]

“He who stops being better stops being good” – Oliver Cromwell

Coach Tracy Ford explains that you must be living in a world of constant, never ending improvement. Read why....   In Japan, the word for constant and never-ending improvement is kaizen. This is a philosophy of warriors, Japanese businesses, and of successful people. They ask the questions … [Read more...]

To Be A Great Leader, Build Great Leaders

“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in their leader. A great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.”   An essential element of a successful, sustainable business is leadership. If you are the only leader in your business, how do you ever get to the point … [Read more...]

Four Simple Steps To Have All The Time You Want And Some Left Over!

How To Create a System To Increase Your Productivity and Put More Cash in the Bank.   We all have all heard the phrase “I keep running out of money before I run out of month!” Basically we spend what we earn unless we have a plan for it. … [Read more...]

Leadership Has Changed As A Result Of Today’s Economy.

Creativity and tenacity are now required traits to be a successful leader in 2011.   Managing employees is one of the biggest challenges for a small business owner. Many have limited experience with this role when they start their business. They have learned how to manage by being managed. … [Read more...]

In Small Business, Profit Is the Ultimate Goal, Right?

Many small business owners are busy doing everything but tasks that help them make money.   If the ultimate goal of any business is to make money, why is it that so many businesses are not profitable? The No. 1 reason in my opinion is because the person running the business does not focus … [Read more...]

Greater Success Equals Greater Pressure.

By avoiding pressure you may be limiting your ability to be successful in small business.   I discovered something about myself recently that helped me understand why I am not achieving a greater level of success. Don't get me wrong... I consider myself to be very successful in my life by … [Read more...]

Being The Leader in Your Small Business Is Critical to Its Success?

Many small business owners are great technicians but struggle to be the leader that brings their business to the next level!   What do you think when someone says, “Wow, he’s a good leader” or “People just follow him everywhere he goes”? We all can recognize these people especially in … [Read more...]