Increase Business Revenue… Then Don’t Focus on Sales

Master Coach David Ford explains why small business owners focus getting on new customers and making new sales but leave money on the table with their existing customer base If your small business needs to increase revenue, I'm guessing the number one thing you are focusing on is how to get more … [Read more...]

Keep It Simple for Success

ActionCOACH MN says: Doing the right things right, every day, is the only way to create long term business success   Small businesses usually start out fairly simple. A limited number of team members, sometimes just the owner. Consistency is easy; the same person is doing every job. It … [Read more...]

Small Business Owners: If You’re Not Growing, You May Have a Foundation Problem

Carmen Morehead says that building a big business doesn’t require tape and scissors   In order for you to have a big vision for your small business, you have to THINK big, BE creative, BE driven! It’s all about “Go Big or Go Home” if you want to play with the big boys, right? So, that’s why … [Read more...]

The Small Business Nemesis: The Inflated EGO

Warning Signs and Solutions for Leaders and Team Members to Know and Combat the Dreaded EGO.   This evil small business nemesis lurks among leaders and team members everywhere. He drives a car that runs over everyone else, he enlarges the details of a story, and he wants to look better than … [Read more...]

A Framework For Making Good Decisions in Your Business

Setting the framework for small business owners   What impacts the ability to make choices and move on them in business? A leader in a small business makes hundreds of decisions every week. On a daily basis you make decisions that impact your team, your finances, and how to spend your … [Read more...]

Does Honesty Really Help Lead You In Your Small Business?

Why You Need To Allow Honesty to be the Leading Character in your Business.   When I drive any open highway I use my cruise control. It forces me to be consistent and honest about my speed. I know that I’m within the realm of “reasonable speed” because the State Trooper is not moved when I … [Read more...]

Why You Should Be Using Social Media…

Jump On The Social Media Train.   Social Media get on board the train or get left behind in a hurry!! CHOOO!! CHOOOOO!! The train is leaving!! Picture this: you’re a small business owner who has a great widget to get out into the market with a budget the size of a pea. How can you get to … [Read more...]

Employees That Stick Together Will Help Your Small Business Be More Successful.

If You Don’t Consider Team Chemistry, Carmen Morehead Says You May End Up With A Big Bang.   What would you do if you had a team that resembled the original castaways on Gilligan’s Island? Well, as a leader, you should look at that as an asset to your organization. Yes, I realize their … [Read more...]

In Small Business You Still Need To Dress To Impress.

Even A Small Business Owner Can Give The Wrong Impression To Customers Based On What They Wear.   The styles, colors, lengths and fit of your fashion choices will speak volumes about your ability to do your job. It’s not a shallow way of thinking….it’s just the truth. However, I should … [Read more...]

I Can’t Raise My Prices… There’s Too Much Competition, Right?

Master Coach David Ford gets you thinking differently about what you charge for your products and services and why it's critical to Raise Your Prices.   The following profound statement was made by Eli Goldratt in his book 'The Goal'... In order for an organization to Make Money, the value … [Read more...]