6 Ways to Be A Leader in Your Business

The key to managing a successful business is consistent and effective leadership. The best leaders are successful, inspiring, and earn the respect of their team. Read on for six ways to be a better leader in your business.Have Consistency. Leaders are consistent in their behavior, their actions, and … [Read more...]

3 Leadership Lessons Every Business Owner Can Learn From the Movie, Braveheart.

As a business owner, if your leadership is wavering, it's possible your team will too.  A good place to start is at the core of your business -- its VISION.   Any “commoner” can gain lessons from the movie, Braveheart, and main character, William Wallace.  Let’s look at the fundamental applications … [Read more...]

“He who stops being better stops being good” – Oliver Cromwell

Coach Tracy Ford explains that you must be living in a world of constant, never ending improvement. Read why....   In Japan, the word for constant and never-ending improvement is kaizen. This is a philosophy of warriors, Japanese businesses, and of successful people. They ask the questions … [Read more...]

Setting Goals in Your Small Business, Here’s How…

Master Coach David Ford Says You Can See The Big Picture And Achieve It Through Daily Plans   As a small business owner, do you find that you are easily achieving the results you planned in your business? Do you find that you have intentions and goals that you are not able to accomplish? … [Read more...]

Why Do So Many Of Us Fear Selling?

The difference between old selling and new selling methods may change your mind, explains Coach Tracy Ford   What do you think of when you hear the word sales person? Take a minute to write them down. Do you see many positive words? If you are like so many of us, you have a negative view … [Read more...]

Feedback: The Breakfast of Champions

Coach Tracy Ford Explains That Negative Feedback is an Opportunity for Improvement   Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson, authors of the One Minute Manager, said that “Feedback is the breakfast of Champions”. So my question to you is, what are you eating for breakfast? Are you only eating … [Read more...]

Easy Steps To Creating A Consistent Marketing Plan

A consistent marketing plan is one of the key factors for a improving your small business   Many small business owners confuse marketing and advertising. Marketing is a systematic planning and implementation of activities that are intended to bring leads into your business. Marketing is … [Read more...]

Is Downsizing Your Small Business Achieving The Results You Desire?

Coach Tracy Ford says; You may be surpised that cutting your way to profits, the more comfortable approach is not enough   Chances are if you’ve tried to cut your way to profits it may not be working for you. So what else have you done to create more business? Are you doing things pretty … [Read more...]

Here’s Why Paying Yourself Profit is as Important and Easy as Paying the Rent…

Business Master Coach David Ford shows you how to Budget for Profit   As small business owners, most of us are familiar with the term 'Budget'. According to wiki, a budget is 'a list of all planned expenses and revenues' that 'enables the actual financial operation of the business to be … [Read more...]

If You Aren’t Thinking Outside the Box, Then You Are STUCK in the Box!

Business Coach Dave Ford Says Business Owners Need to Think Out of the Box When Selling..   There’s how everyone else does it, and then there’s how the successful people do it. A great example of the difference can be seen in watching the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. How many of you … [Read more...]