Easy Steps To Creating A Consistent Marketing Plan

A consistent marketing plan is one of the key factors for a improving your small business   Many small business owners confuse marketing and advertising. Marketing is a systematic planning and implementation of activities that are intended to bring leads into your business. Marketing is … [Read more...]

The environment you have created for your business is one of the largest determining factors in the success of your small business.

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Why A B2C Small Business Can Benefit From Social Media

Why A Small Business Retailer Can Benefit From Social Media   With so many big box retailers going social as a small business owner retailer you may be asking yourself if you should too. I would say yes! Now is the time to look into how the different platforms of social media can work for … [Read more...]

Can Social Media Marketing Generate Leads For Small Business?

Using social media as a marketing tool is really no different than traditional marketing when trying to gain leads.   I think we can all agree that the point of marketing is to gain leads for our sales process. So why should social media marketing be any different? I have read a number of … [Read more...]

6 Ways Small Businesses Can Succeed Using Linked-In.

Overview of Linked-In’s ‘Timeless Guide To Small Business Success’.   My company, ActionCOACHMN, joined Linked-In just a few months ago and I have to say I am impressed by all the ways it can be used to market small businesses. As a former small business owner myself, I have to say I was … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Managing Social Media For Small Business.

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Is The Best Customer The One With The Most Money?

The most important part of the marketing process is knowing your target market.   People buy on emotion; emotions play a huge role in our buying decision process. In fact even when we believe we are making logical decisions, our choice is actually based on emotion. The two major things we … [Read more...]

5 Steps To A DIY Custom Facebook Fan Page For Your Business.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a custom fan page for your small business if you follow these simple steps. Chances are you have a Facebook profile page for your personal use, right? With over 500 million users, it's hard to ignore that Facebook is a must for small business … [Read more...]