Employees That Stick Together Will Help Your Small Business Be More Successful.

If You Don’t Consider Team Chemistry, Carmen Morehead Says You May End Up With A Big Bang.   What would you do if you had a team that resembled the original castaways on Gilligan’s Island? Well, as a leader, you should look at that as an asset to your organization. Yes, I realize their … [Read more...]

Positive Thinking Creates Positive Results In Small Business.

Complaining Is Bad For Business So Get Over It Already!   So about 8 years ago, I noticed I was turning grey. I was a bit upset and being under 40 I was also frustrated. As the years went by I was noticing that the grey was more and more profound that I was now having to have my hair … [Read more...]

To Have A Winning Team You Must Have 100% Commitment.

Your Small Business Is Only As Good As Your Weakest Employee.   100% Involvement = 100% Commitment What does this mean? 100% involvement means that each team member is 100% committed to the team and its success. In other words, the team member shows up for the game, on time, consistently, … [Read more...]