The Big Question: How’s Business Going?

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**Disclaimer — There are many business owners right now pinching themselves because their business has taken off — in fact, they haven’t built enough barns to store all the money that’s coming in!  Well done!  Keep on keeping on!

If you’re a business owner you know the small talk;  inevitably the question comes up “How’s business going?”.  Do you

A) Give the “great” answer knowing it’s not-so-great.

B) Lay down on a couch and give your honest assessment.

C) Pretend you don’t speak English.

While that question comes up more often than not, we are not prepared to answer it.  In fact, most times, we revert to option A.  We try to give the short answer — the very, very short answer and move on.  And why not?  It may not be great today.  Maybe it hasn’t been great for the last 6 months.  We just know we have a picture in our mind of our business as a finished product and we see the potential.  It’s just not at that state, yet.

At ActionCOACH MetroNorth, we love business owners and we love numbers.  Dave Ford, owner of ActionCOACH MetroNorth, stated “While we build our business on relationships, there’s no denying we need to be sure our clients know they are getting tangible results.  There is no greater satisfaction than to see challenges overcome, the blood, sweat, and tears poured into it, and the ultimate fist pump at the end!  It’s a celebration that never gets old.”

20141015 Net Profit_ACMN

ActionCOACH MetroNorth has released their client results for the 2014 – 3rd Quarter.

Revenue has gone up 34% with a combined client total of $25,183,295.91.  Subsequently, Net Profit is up 38% with a combined client total of $2,891,704.98.

“When we say we give ‘Real Results’ — we stand by that”, commented Tracy Ford, Senior Coach at ActionCOACH MetroNorth.  “Business owners are some of the hardest working people; they incessantly put their nose to the grindstone day-in and day-out.  We are so honored to achieve these kinds of results for them as we know they have other people counting on them — their family, their team members, their community.”

ActionCOACH MetroNorth dedicates themselves to educating business owners, executives, managers, and salespeople to achieve positive, measurable results in their business since 2007.

When you decide you’re tired of using the phrase “great” when being asked about your business, knowing full well it’s not-so-great, we would love to be the resource in your life.  Whether you have time, team, or cash flow challenges, we have a calendar of ongoing workshops, seminars, and trainings throughout the year to meet the needs of business owners just like you.



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