To Have A Winning Team You Must Have 100% Commitment.

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Your Small Business Is Only As Good As Your Weakest Employee.


100% Involvement = 100% Commitment
What does this mean? 100% involvement means that each team member is 100% committed to the team and its success.

In other words, the team member shows up for the game, on time, consistently, ready to perform. Each and every member is willing to do what they can do to support the leader and every other member. They stand up to their responsibility, acknowledging errors, and making correction where needed. In the article ‘6 Keys To A Winning Team’ it states “To win the game as a team, it is essential for everyone to share a clearly defined target”.

A Parallel: The Burger King Tiny Hand Man
Your body is working together as one; every contributing member makes its supply. What would happen if you took your arm and taped it to your side for 6 months? First of all, during the 6 months the rest of the body would have to pick up the slack that the once functioning arm could do. After the 6 months, the arm is free. But is it as strong as it once was? No. It is lacking in strength and is now experiencing atrophy. All other members of the body must continue to carry the weight of the ailing arm until the arm regains the strength to contribute to the entire body.

Likewise, as a baby grows, all members grow and mature. Besides the Burger King Tiny-Hand-Man, have you ever seen a man with a baby hand? No. Why? Because that’s not how our bodies were designed. Our bodies were designed so that all members grow in accordance with the growth of the entire body.
Your business will grow only as much as your weakest link will let you. Is it possible to have a large vision without the support of 100% committed team members? According to these scenarios, a team member in its infantile state or riding the coat-tails of another cannot have a positive impact to the supply of the whole.
Know Your Role

Wake up leaders! This one’s for you! A major factor in the success of your business is to get every team member to:

• Know their role
• Accept their role
• Take pride in their role

If you haven’t equipped your team to be the best they can be, then you just point that finger of yours at yourself. You are the captain of the ship and therefore, your ability to influence your team is your responsibility. If a team member doesn’t respond positively to their role, cut the anchor and keep moving forward.

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