Team Training: Understanding Why People Do What They Do

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Team DiSC TrainingGiven the billions of people who walk this planet, you’re looking at infinite combinations of likes and dislikes, actions and reactions, and strengths and weaknesses.  Business owners most likely feel they’ve won the “personality-diversity-lottery” with team members that happen to make their way into their organization.  While we hope people will just naturally get along — live by the Golden Rule — even in conflict, people should just be able to “work it out” amicably and we can get on with our day.  Yes and no.

Yes, as in we expect human beings to, well, act like human beings.  However, that very reasoning is why it doesn’t work; we are all motivated by different factors and we are all driven by different factors.

ActionCOACH MetroNorth had the opportunity to do a DISC Training with the owners of TopRank Online Marketing and their eighteen team members.  They hired 14 team members in the last nine months and the owner felt strongly they needed to be aligned to improve communication and increase productivity within their departments and across departments.

This is where everyone has FUN while learning!  While there is no better personality — we need every personality to move an organization forward — participants are able to embrace the strengths and challenges of themselves and as an organization — while laughing at some of their natural tendencies.

We used engaging activities, including one that helped them identify how they react when given a task where they don’t know information or they’re the only ones that have the information — in which case, they usually assume everyone has the information.

Team members walked away learning more about themselves, the people they work closely with, and even approaching their current and potential clients with a better understanding.  One participant stated, “This gives us greater clarity and helps rethink resources and priorities with our accounts.”  Another reflected, “I will stop trying to “push a rock up a hill.”

When there is a conflict or things don’t go as planned either internally or with a client, team members will now look at how they could have handled the situation differently using the DiSC model — making a win/win situation for everyone involved.

If you think you have a “pretty good” team now, just think of the significant change that can happen with a fully-functional, synergistic team and a healthy bottom-line.  Contact us today for your team training!

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