Employees That Stick Together Will Help Your Small Business Be More Successful.

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If You Don’t Consider Team Chemistry, Carmen Morehead Says You May End Up With A Big Bang.


What would you do if you had a team that resembled the original castaways on Gilligan’s Island?

Well, as a leader, you should look at that as an asset to your organization. Yes, I realize their three years of failed attempts of escaping off the island, but touché. They had chemistry and each character played a vital role to the team’s overall success…..or failure….which really was their success.

Team Dynamics
Much like the castaways, everyone on a successful team plays a unique part. It was evident that the Professor emerged as a leader. Everyone relied on him to have the innovative creations and be objective about their situation. The Skipper was also a leader, in name and action. He did what he could do to keep order within the group. The infamous Gilligan was all about people. He saw the lighter side of situations and was willing to help in any way. The others in the group were balanced with steadiness, being analytical, supportive, logical, skeptical, and there wasn’t a lack of building team spirit or spontaneity.

As a small business owner, it would serve you well to know how each one of your team members “tick”, how they fit into the team, and how effective that team is in your overall goal. If your business plan lives or dies on the team members that will be executing it, don’t you think the selection of your team should be given more priority?

Chemistry: The Glue—it holds stuff together
I’m glad this doesn’t take too much scientific thought as I believe I earned a B in high school.
“United we stand, divided we fall!” “All for one and one for all!” ……..In any language this is the battle cry of “I’ve got your back”. A team’s ability to remain united in the face of adversity and failure will lead them to feats never before realized. Others will blame their team’s lack of cohesiveness if all they ever experience is chaos.

You don’t have to be the most talented guy on the team, but you can prove that day in and day out you are there for a purpose bigger than self. I certainly don’t believe that chemistry is solely a by-product of a successful team; rather, it is more of a circular model. As the chemistry increases, so will the results, and as the results increase, so will the chemistry.

Improving the Sticky Situation
As the team leader you are ultimately responsible for the cohesion of your team members; success or failure.

This is not a comprehensive list, but what I see as the three top priorities:
• Collaborate with your team in setting specific and challenging goals for individuals and the company. This creates a sense of shared identity and pride.
• Conduct regularly scheduled weekly/monthly team meetings to share Wins/Challenges/Goals/Results. This is a good time to address needs of the team.
• Have you and your team take part in an ActionCOACH led DISC Training. Team leaders can begin to understand how team players might best work together and how to pair them up to accentuate strengths and support or strengthen their weaknesses.

At the end of the day, you can relax in your bamboo hammock and talk on your coconut phone, but remember…..YOU are not an island unto yourself!!

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