Jam Hops Testimonial

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Jam Hops, Brenda Nolby, Owner
Ham Lake, MN

“I was first introduced to ActionCOACH through a postcard I received in the mail for a Team Building Workshop. The leadership of my company was in serious turmoil at the time, and I had hoped it would help. Well, it certainly did! Since that time ActionCOACH has helped me with all aspects of my business.

Prior to ActionCOACH, I had a challenge with knowing and understanding my finances. My business was losing money, I had put in tens of thousands of dollars from my personal investments, and I hadn’t been paid for over 2 years. Very soon after joining ActionCOACH, I started to pay myself again and in the first year was making a profit. Last year my total income was up 30% and this year it is up an additional 20%. I know that information because I now have a forecast, budget, and my QuickBooks has been set up correctly. I have a marketing plan and know where my customers are coming from, how many customer contacts are being converted to true customers, and what my customer retention is. Amazing!

Immediately when I began with ActionCOACH, I started reading Brad Sugars’ books along with many others. Before ActionCOACH I had NEVER picked up a business book – (Although, I was hooked on mystery and romance novels.) In the first year I read over 20 business books and still read about 10 books a year. The education I received from reading and from going to ActionClub and GrowthClub, I believe, have been more beneficial than a college business education.

My coaches have referred me to my current accountant, wealth strategist, attorneys, and MANY others in their network who have helped me with my business.
Prior to ActionCOACH, my husband was financially supporting me and my business in a job he was miserable in. Now that I’m financial stable (and growing) he has retired from that job and is able to look at doing something he will enjoy!
My business coaches are my teachers, mentors, sounding boards, and task masters, but most importantly…good friends who truly care about me and my business! Thank you!!”

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