Under Promise and Over Deliver….

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Small business owners: The Easy Way To Gain Raving Fans!!.


Really? How simple!! In reality it takes systems and testing to make this happen.

So what is a raving fan? These are customers of yours that are so pleased with your service that they are an advocate for you; meaning they refer your business to everyone without you asking them to.

How can you make this happen in your small business? First you must test & measure your product from the time the order was taken to the time it is in your customer’s hand. How can your speed up your systems? How can you refine the systems? How can you do this over and over again consistently? A great book to read is http://instantsystems.net/ .

Next you need the trial run. Start small, not necessary to go big scale now because we want to make sure this will work. There is a story I hear recently of a national pizza chain that failed to do its due diligence on the testing and measuring and the trail run. This pizza chain advertised a holiday pizza at a very low price.
It was nationally advertised and was overwhelmingly popular to the point there were lines out the door of nearly every store. Needless to say, this pizza chain underestimated the popularity of their product and had to turn away many customers because they simply ran out of this specialty pizza. Can you imagine the disappointment of their customers? They certainly didn’t gain any raving fans here.

Now you’re ready to add in the U.P.O.D.. If you know your product will take X amount of time to deliver, promise the delivery to your customer for a longer period of time and actually deliver it in the shorter time period. Add in an extra widget, something they didn’t expect. Provide extraordinary customer service. Go
above and beyond.

A bit of creativity may be needed here. To help with this, think to yourself what would make you that raving fan of another business. Good luck!!

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