Responding to Voicemail And Email Often Can Waste Time.

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Small business owners feeling pressure to respond to email or voicemail immediately can take a break.


When is the appropriate amount of time to respond to an email or voicemail?

To answer this question, let’s first begin with how often you should be checking your email or voicemail. Ideally you should check these just a few set times a day. The best time to check is late morning and early afternoon. Block this time off in your default calendar so you don’t forget or schedule that time for other appointments.

When you set your voicemail recording be sure that you set the expectation on your message reply by letting the caller know when your check your messages and the timeframe of which you reply.

Now it may not seem right to only check your email 2 times per day however you will find that you are wasting less time constantly checking your email or voicemail. Imagine creating more time in your day. This can be done easily by creating a few daily disciplines. Many business owners feel they need to react immediately to all messages and emails, however this isn’t always necessary.

Response time ideally should be within 24 hours of the message. If you retrieve your messages 2 times per day during strategically placed times, you will have ample time and energy to accomplish this task.

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