How Your Team Spends Time Is Key to Your Small Business Success.

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If your team is focused on tasks that do not achieve your business goals they’re just wasting time.


It’s amazing how often we hear “I just don’t have enough time”? Why is this? Why don’t we have the time? In most cases, and be honest, it is because we are delusional on where we really think we need to be spending our time.

So, how to we find out where we are ‘wasting’ our time. Well, just like a dieter who records all of the calories and carbohydrates they consume each day, we must record each of our activities a day. A good way to do this is a time table broken down to 15 minute increments.

Be honest and diligent when you fill this out by writing down what you are REALLY doing. After you have compiled this information for a week, take a deep dive into assessing where you are wasting time and how you can consolidate tasks.

Consolidating is easy. Put together common tasks that you can do one after the other to help assist in moving tasks forward. Turn off the tv or radio to stop the distraction. Truly concentrate on completing each task.

Review after a week and refine your schedule. You will soon find that you can make more time!!


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