How To Keep Customers Coming Back To Your Small Business.

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Too often small businesses can forget the little things that make a big difference..


I eat at an Asian cuisine restaurant quite often which there are several locations in the metro area where I live. I could go to any one of these restaurants because they serve the same food, presented in the same manner under the same name. However, I CHOOSE to go out of my way to go to the restaurant that I do. Why is this? Because they know me and treat me special each and every time I go there. This keeps me coming back.

In your business, what are you doing special for each customer that walks in the door? Are you addressing them by their first name? Do you know what they usually order from you? Are you engaging them in chit-chat so they are aware that you care? Are you sending birthday cards or holiday cards? Do you have them on an educational newsletter list?

Most customers will leave you because of Perceived Indifference. What this means is that your customers perception is that you don’t care about them anymore. Here is a little fact:

Why Customers Leave You….

1% Death
3% Move
5% Buy from a friend
9% Sold by a competitor
14% Price
68% Perceived Indifference

What steps can you take on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly and yearly basis to stop your customers from leaving you for perceived indifference? The beauty of this challenge is the reward, which is your ideal customer coming back again and again….

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