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Is This Thing On? How to be Highly Effective at Sales

(Accountant CPE Accredited – 3 credits)

CommunicateWhether you’re selling your product or service to a prospective client, trying to gain your team member’s support to introduce a new system, or persuade a manager to develop a new product – communication is a strong ability to have, one that is respected, and most importantly, your organization depends on it. In this workshop, we’ll go through…(read more)


Create. Build. Leverage a Champion Team!

Is your team 100% committed to your success?
(Accountant CPE Accredited – 2 credits)

Close up of men's rowing teamIf you’ve ever dreamed of taking time out from running your business without jeopardizing profitability, then the people who work there will need to run it for you. Does your team know your Vision, your Goals, or why you’re even in business? If your team is the heartbeat of your business, then you need a winning team that is on your side, going in one direction… (read more)


The Power of Smart Marketing

Learn to hit your marketing sweet spot. Every.Time.
(Accountant CPE Accredited – 2 credits)

arrows and darts targetWhile it’s true the economy is going to fluctuate and things are going to happen, which will make business difficult, but that is not surprising, is it? There are businesses thriving at the moment. What are they doing that others aren’t? It is at times like this the proactive businesses are going to stand out from the norm. (read more)

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