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When the success of your business in the future is dependent on the success of your clients’ businesses today.


Best suited for industries: Accountants, Business Lawyers, Commercial Bankers, Financial Planners, Printers, Promotional Products If you are like us, you recognize that the solutions to our current economic problems are not going to be solved in Washington. Instead, they will be solved by local business owners and business leaders through their commitment, confidence and hard work. The challenge is that many business owners, although committed and working hard, are not as confident in their ability to change their results and begin to turn things around.

So, how can you Help? Partner with Team Ford ActionCOACH by hosting a client-focused Round Table meeting. It’s a business development meeting with 6-8 of your best clients who are interested in improving their business skills, knowledge, confidence, and profits. This 90-minute meeting is held around a boardroom table and is hosted by you and facilitated by us. Together we will offer professional guidance, education and proven business growth strategies.

Why would you want to Host a Round Table Meeting? As a business owner, you have one goal – to make money by increasing the lifetime value of every client that you attract to your business. So how do you accomplish that? By continually innovating the way you add value to your clients. By hosting 4 x Round Table meetings for 6-8 of your clients over the next 12 months you:

  • Are in contact with every one of your clients once every 90 days.
  • Remain in the forefront of your clients’ minds.
  • Are offering a value-added service outside of your core product or service base.
  • Build an even deeper relationship with your best clients.
  • Help your clients get better results in their business immediately, therefore,
  • Create customer loyalty.

NOMINATE your business to host a Round Table Meeting for your clients. We would be happy to answer your questions. When you decide to move forward with us, your Coach will schedule a phone conversation with you to get your input and tailor our approach to make sure we are meeting your needs.  

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