Why A B2C Small Business Can Benefit From Social Media

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Why A Small Business Retailer Can Benefit From Social Media


With so many big box retailers going social as a small business owner retailer you may be asking yourself if you should too.

I would say yes! Now is the time to look into how the different platforms of social media can work for your small retail business. As a former small business retailer myself I can relate.

First Step is to have a Plan!
The reason that social media is working for the big retailers is that they have a plan and a method to their madness. Like with traditional media you want to make sure you know your target audience, what platforms they are using and what message will reach them.

So Who Are Social Media Users?
The above diagram illustrates the different demographics of social media users (click here to see the larger picture). What you will find is that like any other medium for marketing there is a wide range to choose from. So knowing who to target will help dictate what social media platform you should use. With over 500,000 million users you can’t go wrong with Facebook. However, you may be surprised to know that the average Facebook user’s income is above $60K per year with the majority older than 35.

How Do I Join the Conversation?
There are many ways to join in the conversation on social media. Social media in general is an ongoing conversation within the everyday lives of your customers that if you don’t have a social media platform you are missing out. As a B2C business owner you cannot afford to be left out of the conversations your customers are having about you, your business or your industry. You can use social media as a message board to provide important information and add more value to the conversations. Also, this is a great way to establish yourself and your business as the expert on the topics of your industry. Of course the benefit here is to gain more trust with current and potential customers.

Regardless of what platform you decide to use make sure you have a plan for how often you want to post, what you want to post and who you are posting to. Plus, keep in mind this may not happen overnight. It could depend how connected you are with your customers now. But over time you can create an interactive loyalty network through social media.

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