The Best Marketing Secret Ever – Happy Customer

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Having Raving Fans is one of the most succesful and least expensive marketing tools in any small business!

You know who they are, the customers that love you. The ones you cannot wait to work with again. They tell everyone they know how you are the best … accountant, hair cutter, electrician etc… in the city if not the state!

These are your Raving Fans and the more you have of them the more new leads you will have and the easier it will be to convert these new leads into customers consistently providing quality products and services that they expect from you is essential. This helps to build trust in your business and your products or services. But is that enough? Lauron Sonnier states “you need to stand out to get noticed”.

When you consider all the buying opportunities your clients have each day, is what you are doing enough for them to remember you? From morning coffee to getting gas, picking up lunch, going to the bank, answering a sales call or getting a bid for lawn care. How many of these interactions do you rave about to others? The really good or the really bad, right? The same old, same old gets little notice. It is the unexpected that will wow your customers and turn them into Raving Fans.

So how do you create Raving Fans.? The answer is simply going that one extra step.

Start at the beginning! Smile when they first walk in. Be sure they feel how important they are to you. Know their name, their preferences in your product or service. Know why they love you. You can’t fake this so you must genuinely care about your customers.

Little things make a big difference Next think about the little extras that you can add to your service or product.

• Gift wrap
• ‘free with purchase’ add ons
• thank you notes
• quick delivery – one day earlier than promised,
• a reminder call to reorder before they run out
• call when you get the new item that is perfect for them

Ask yourself how does your business stand out from the competition? Or what are you doing that creates that WOW factor in your business? To set yourself apart from the competition, go beyond getting noticed and be remembered.
Raving fans remember you and tell others, that is the best marketing you can get.

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