Easy Steps To Creating A Consistent Marketing Plan

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A consistent marketing plan is one of the key factors for a improving your small business


Many small business owners confuse marketing and advertising. Marketing is a systematic planning and implementation of activities that are intended to bring leads into your business. Marketing is communication and education. Advertising is the single piece used within the marketing plan that helps communicate with potential customers. Some examples of advertising are newspapers, direct mail, billboards, television, radio, and the internet.

We here at ActionCoach MN like to use a 10 X 10 marketing plan. This principle is creates consistency in your marketing by using 10 different individual marketing strategies and each strategy needs to bring in 10% of your business resulting in 100% of your total business.

To create the first leg of your marketing plan you must start with who are you marketing to?
Who: Who is your target market? To figure this out take a look at who your best customers are.
Are they men or women? What is there income? What is there occupation? What do they like to do? Where do they live?

Next we need to figure out where they are.
Where: Are they in the highest numbers? What organizations & businesses do they frequent already? You want to go where they are in the highest numbers. This will increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. It’s just like fishing; if you want Walleye you go to the lake that has the most Walleye; Mille Lacs Lake, if you want Largemouth Bass you go to the lake that has the most Largemouth Bass; Leech Lake.

Then we need to figure out what they want and what’s important to them.
What: Need are you filing? What problems or frustrations do they have? What key reasons do they have when using your product or service? What pleasure or qualities of life are you providing? What’s your offer? Does it fit with what they need or want they are looking to fill?

Now we need to figure out how often or when are you going to put the marketing strategy in place?
When: How often are you using this marketing strategy? Is it weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or once a year?

And the last question is how are you going to communicate with them?
How: How do they communicate? Do they read? What do they listen to? Do they hang out on the internet? What’s their preferred way of communication?

Now that you have one leg of your 10 X 10 marketing plan done now all you need to do is repeat this exercise for the other nine strategies.

Once you have that done start to implement one or two of your strategies.

For more on marketing plans check out Entrepreneur website on marketing http://www.entrepreneur.com/marketing/marketingbasics/marketingplan/article43018.html

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