Can Social Media Marketing Generate Leads For Small Business?

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Using social media as a marketing tool is really no different than traditional marketing when trying to gain leads.


I think we can all agree that the point of marketing is to gain leads for our sales process. So why should social media marketing be any different?

I have read a number of blogs about social media and how the message needs to be real and authentic. I agree with that, however it is still marketing. In the article ‘Replace Blog Comments with a Real Call to Action’ it states “You need to get a real call to action in place … something that will drive a tangible return on investment down the road”. I am not advising hard core selling, however you can create call-to-actions that are relevant and appropriate for social media.

Like with any marketing method you first need to have something of value for the action you are asking your audience to take. For social media I recommend that action be to provide contact information. The more you ask them to provide the higher the value needs to be on the item you are giving.

For example you can offer them to sign up to get your weekly email by just providing you with their name and email address. If you want more than that, like their address or phone number, you will want to offer something like a free webinar or event registration. The cost of entry should be an easy decision for your audience if what you are providing outweighs the chance of you contacting them. Which of course is the point, right?

So how do you add a call-to-action in social media? Really the same rules apply for any medium. Consider your audience and what you have to offer.

For Facebook you can create a Landing Page that visitors, fans and non-fan, will see first when they visit your page. This page is great for putting in information about your company but also any call-to-actions to encourage them to provide you their contact information. Sure you want them to “Like” your page, but the real goal here is to get their information so they can become a lead. If they just “Like” your page you still do not gain them as a lead and they remain part of your marketing process.

Blog Site
The best form of social media in my opinion to really attracting potential leads is through blogging. Blogging can give your Facebook page, Link-in profile and tweets more substance by putting links to your blog in your status updates. Plus, it increases your chance of gaining more “organic” leads through search engine optimization. With a blog there are a number of ways to include a call-to-action.
1.) Include word links in your text to get more information.
2.) You can have a call-to-action button that will provide them the ability to sign up for a news letter or download a free e-book
3.) You can put event details at the bottom of your article for an upcoming event that they can click to another page to get more details and register.

Twitter and Linked Posts
Putting a call-to-action in a tweet or post on Linked-in can be more challenging since you are limited in space. The key to success with these mediums is the headline. You want your headline to draw them in. You then can provide a link to a related blog post with a call-to-action or a link to a squeeze page that contains the call-to-action.

Regardless of the medium you use for marketing remember to keep your goal in mind and that is to gain leads. Putting the right call-to-action in your message can prove to be very fruitful.

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