5 Steps to Managing Social Media For Small Business.

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Here are some key steps to help you effectively manage and organize your social media marketing.


When utilizing social media as part of your marketing initiative for your small business it can get overwhelming. However, here are some quick steps to help you get organized.

Step 1: Set Goals

It’s important to set goals for any marketing initiative before you begin. This will be the measure you use when deciding if your marketing efforts are effective. A recent blog article I read states “it’s more important to have a devoted, enthusiastic community”. I agree that the number of followers isn’t as important as how engaging they are. Here are some suggestions to measure engagement.

Facebook: Who many people are commenting or liking your post?
Twitter: How many mentions or re-tweets you get?
Linked-in: How many people and are engaging in your group discussions?
Blog: How many people are commenting or liking your post?

Step 2: Select the Best Social Media

The basic rule for selecting any marketing strategy is to first know who your customers are. Find out what social media methods your clients are using now and use those. Chances are, with over 500 million users, you will find most of your clients on Facebook. For B2B companies you may be surprised at how business professionals you can connect with on Linked-in. For B2C companies, utilizing Four Square can help you grow your loyalty program. Having a blog allows you to provide information on common questions or concerns your clients have. Most likely, your clients are already surfing the internet looking for answers to these questions. Writing a blog, when done right, allows your answers to be seen and heard by a number of potential clients.

Step 3: Create a Calendar

As a person that likes to be organized, having a calendar for my social media activity is a must. As the social media manager, I post 6 blogs a week from 7 different bloggers so I have a set editorial calendar to keep the blog funnel full, relevant and organized. With that I also have a Tweet, Facebook post, and Linked-in schedule that revolve around my firm’s blog posts. This also helps keep my marketing messages consistent.

Step 4: Combine Your Platforms

A simple way to manage your social media messages so you’re not having to copy and paste the same message through each platform is to use a service like Hootsuite.com. Once you have set your calendar you can just go in and start schedule posts for multiple platforms at the same time. I tend to schedule my post 1 month in advance along with my blogs. So for me that’s over 30 blog posts in a month.

Step 5: Keep Your Content Flowing

With a calendar and pre-scheduling your posts at least 2-4 weeks out you are more likely to keep your content flowing. It may sound like a lot at first but once you have your system down it will become second nature.

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