5 Steps To A DIY Custom Facebook Fan Page For Your Business.

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You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a custom fan page for your small business if you follow these simple steps.

Facebook Fan Page

Chances are you have a Facebook profile page for your personal use, right? With over 500 million users, it’s hard to ignore that Facebook is a must for small business marketing.

Now that you have decided to take that next to use Facebook to market your business you MUST set up a Fan page. This can be confusing to someone that is not socially savvy.

A Facebook profile page is for individuals or “People”. Whereas, a Fan page, per Facebook rules, is what businesses must use when utilizing Facebook.

So you may be asking how to do this. Here are 5 simple steps to setting up a professional Facebook Fan Page for your small business and creating a custom Welcome Tab using some basic tools such as MSPowerPoint and MS Paint.

Step 1: Create a Custom Profile Image (200pxl X 600pxl)

This is different than just loading an image. Here you can create a custom image that will be longer than the traditional image. The key is that is must be no wider 200 pxl. Here are steps to create this image using MSPowerPoint and MSPaint.
• Open the MSPowerPoint
• Insert a picture from file – Resize picture to be 2″wide by 6.2″ long. You can do this by clicking on “Format” and changing the size or cropping it.
• Open MSPaint
• Copy the Picture your just resized from in MSPowerPoint and past into MSPaint
• In MSPaint under Image click on Attributes
• Change width to 200 pxls & height to 600 pxl
• Save as Profile picture
• Leave MSPaint and MSPowerPoint open

Step 2: Customer Welcome Tab Image (Non-Fan)

The idea behind having a Welcome Tab is much like a Home page on your website. This is where you want your visitors to come first to entice them to want to learn more about your business. This is often referred to as the “Landing Tab”.

The purpose of the Non-Fan image is to get your visitors who currently do not “like” your page to “like” your page and become a “fan”. The key to creating an image for your Welcome Tab is making it no more than 520pxls wide (or 5.34” wide in MSPowerPoint). The length is up to you. However, I would not recommend going over 2000pxls and it cannot be longer than your Fan image which you will create in the next step. Follow the same instruction in Step 1 to create this image.

Step 3: Customer Welcome Tab Image (Fan)

This tab is what will appear once the visitor has “liked” your page. You can create your image similar to your Non-Fan tab, but it must not be shorter than that image or your Non-Fan image will be cut off.

Once you have your Profile Picture image, Fan and Non-Fans images for your Weclome Tab, you’re ready to set up your Fan Page.

Step 4: Set Up Fan Page In Facebook

In order to create a Fan Page you need to have a Facebook Profile page. Once you have set that up just follow these steps.
• On the “Home” page of your Facebook Profile page click on” Ads & Pages” on the left sidebar
• Click on “Pages” on the left sidebar
• Then click the “Create Page” button
• Select the Profile Type the best fits what you want accomplish
• Choose a category or fill in the appropriate information
• Click “Get Started”

Step 5: Set Up Welcome Tab Application

For the final step I used the application provided by Lujure.com, which I found to be the easiest application to use when creating my Welcome Tab. Another good one is iFrames.com. Both allow you to create a customer tab for free without any coding involved. With Lujure there is an advanced app suite with templates to easily create your tab. To set up your tab using the images you created above go to http://assemblyline.lujure.com/platform/ and click on the video “Custom Create” to watch the tutorial on how to set up your tab. You can click the button “Register for a free demo” right below it to begin.

Once you have set up your Welcome Tab in Lujure you can go to your Facebook page and view it and start promoting your Facebook Fan page!

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