Why You Should Be Using Social Media…

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Jump On The Social Media Train.


Social Media get on board the train or get left behind in a hurry!!

CHOOO!! CHOOOOO!! The train is leaving!!

Picture this: you’re a small business owner who has a great widget to get out into the market with a budget the size of a pea. How can you get to where your future clients are? Answer: Social Media!!

Do you know how fast social media is growing each day? Check out this great page I found that visually shows you second-by-second growth: http://bit.ly/mAvCCK . If this doesn’t get you moving, I’m not sure what will.

So which platform do you use? Facebook? Twitter? Blog site? Here is a great site for you to research the top 52 platforms http://bit.ly/j7dZWY. Not all platforms will work for you however, taking the time now to learn more of social media will help you in your future marketing.

So what am I doing to market my business and myself? First off, you’re reading this blog; I must be doing something right. I also engage in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Plaxo just to name a few. I dedicate a few minutes a few times a day to stay engaged with my friends and audience. Don’t become too distracted, be sure to stay to an agenda or plan to get out there.

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