To Be A Great Leader, Build Great Leaders

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“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in their leader. A great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.”


An essential element of a successful, sustainable business is leadership. If you are the only leader in your business, how do you ever get to the point where you can be away and depend on your business to run? Do want to be leading followers or leaders? If having one strong leader is good, what if everyone on the team was a leader? What would that take? What would it offer?
Inspire Others

A business owner who can inspire team members to stretch their leadership ability and grow beyond their current position is positioning their business for continual growth. No matter what position they start in a good team member who fits the culture of your business is a valuable asset. Your sustainable growth depends on people who have confidence in you and your dreams. Return that faith by helping those who work for you to find their strengths. Push them to take on new responsibilities, and teach them what it looks like to lead a team. Give them the opportunity to lead other team members, customers, even themselves.
Leverage Strengths

As leadership skills grow, the business grows and changes. While change can be difficult on a day to day basis it is critical to the survival of a business. As you discover the strengths of your team, and they uncover new directions they can go, it is up to the leader to leverage those assets. Moving employees’ responsibilities around to fit their growth will create stretch marks and growing pains. Respect the growing process and direct it to change what needs changing, not what is easy to change
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Recently at ActionCOACH MN we have watched just such a transformation as office support person and all around guru Micki Levy transitioned from her original role of person assistant to office administrator to marketing and business development manager. While we all depended on her and fully appreciated Micki’s support in the office on a day to day basis her reluctant willingness to go out and network for the firm revealed her amazing natural ability in this field. Three years of working in a coaching environment, learning new things has created a new confidence in her ability to lead others. Letting go of our dependence on her in the office was not easy but it was necessary. Her leadership abilities, previously used mostly on the baseball field, now help hundreds of business owners through her role in BNI. Change was necessary both for her personal growth and for the growth of the business. Growth means change and it requires a leader who is not just willing to allow it but actively seeking it.

Building Leaders

Helping those who follow you to become better leaders will strengthen more than their skills, it will help you to grow and improve your business. “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” — John Quincy Adams

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