Is Now The Time To Be Re-Investing In Your Small Business?

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Instead small business owners should be focused on the question ‘if we could, how would we do it’.


Small Business Owner

The list of reasons (read excuses) you cannot are endless

• The economy is unstable
• The competition is cutting prices
• Your product or services isn’t good enough
• You don’t know …
• Your team can’t handle the added work load
• You shouldn’t ask for more when others have less
• You’re not good enough
• They are bigger, stronger, smarter, farther ahead…

However, Darren Dahl points out in his recent article ‘Top Companies Started During a Recession’ some of the biggest success stories of our time started during recessions with Disney in 1923, Burger King in 1953, Microsoft in 1975, CNN in 1980 and Apple Computer in 2001. All started during down economic times in our country. Think of the impact these companies have made on our way of life, what if Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Steve Jobs had listened to the “nay-sayers” who said ‘Now is not the time to take the risk ‘?

What if no one ever told you, you can’t? At some point in time did people believe we would never fly, that making a phone call away from the office was impossible, the only way to have a meeting with someone was in person, electric cars were science fiction? We have lived to prove all of these truths, untrue.
If the Wright brothers had focused only on what keeps us on the ground and why flying was impossible would they have made it off the ground? Instead they focused on ‘if we could, how would we do it’.
The same is true in your business. Instead of looking at all the reasons your business cannot be successful, or expand, or grow, in today’s business economy focus on ‘if we could, what would that look like’? Then put the pieces in place to take the steps.

The economy Is up, down, steady, improving, falling apart… changing. How do you know if now is the time to be investing in your business is?

1. Is there a market for your product or service in the new economy? Is someone spending money for what your business does?
2. Can you produce a high quality product or service?
3. Are you committed to doing whatever you must to make your business a success?

If the answer to these questions is yes, yes and yes. Than the answer is yes, now is the time to do what needs to be done. While businesses around you worry about the economy, stall, stumble, close, or die a slow death. Now is the time to do everything you must to create the business you want. Here’s why:

1. Your competition is cutting back and leaving space for you
2. Even with the recent changes in the economy, we live and do business in the richest country in the world. Business is still being done
3. To earn that business you must be the best business owner producing the best product or service.
4. If not now, when? If your business is not growing and improving where will it be next year.
5. It will not happen by itself. Every business needs a proactive leader

What is the #1 thing that if accomplished in the next 90 days would have the greatest impact on your business? If it is the right thing to do, it is the right thing to do regardless of what is going on around you. Be creative and find a way to do what needs to be done. Don’t let the TV news decide the fate of your business. Make your decisions based on what is best for your business and for your quality of life.
A reason is just a excuse to stop trying. If you want a successful business nothing should or can hold you back.

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