How Perseverance Will Take A Small Business From Good To Great

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The Power Of Positive Thinking.


We are accustomed to instant gratification — instant coffee, instant messaging, microwaves, we even have drive-thru weddings. Unfortunately, it seems more and more people are treating their goals and dreams in this same manner; we want instant mastery.

Those that persevere generally stand out because in order to do so, you have to BE passionate, Do it with a positive attitude, and HAVE a purpose you believe in. All of these will help you center on being laser focused and willing to be persistent even in the face of adversity. And, that my friend, fits all under the umbrella of perseverance. (I know, let’s all get out our lighters…or cell phones…and wave them from side to side).

Seriously, to all of the skeptics, this is not some distant theory that only happens in kingdoms far, far, away where the streets are made of gold and people are sliding down rainbows. This is an every minute, of every hour, of every day challenge.

Where to Start?
The battle is in our minds. I mean, if our life is nothing but the sum total of our decisions, it brings the responsibility to us…..the good news is that YOU can change it.

You base your decisions on what you think and feel; in other words, what you believe. So, what do you believe? If you believe that 2+2=5, you can be positive about that, but you’ll be positively wrong! You can’t wind up with the right conclusion if you don’t start with the right foundation.

The Right Foundation
As surely as you wake up in the morning and put on your clothes, you literally have to “put on” your attitude….a positive one, that is.
In every situation I have two options to look at; I can look at the positive side and rise above it or I can look at the negative side and be trapped under it.

I have not climbed a mountain without the ability of sight, I have never been an Olympic Champion, and I am not the first African American President, but, dang it, I did write this BLOG —- I succeeded, I’m a winner, I persevered!!!

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