Does Honesty Really Help Lead You In Your Small Business?

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Why You Need To Allow Honesty to be the Leading Character in your Business.


When I drive any open highway I use my cruise control. It forces me to be consistent and honest about my speed. I know that I’m within the realm of “reasonable speed” because the State Trooper is not moved when I pass by. What I find annoying are all the people ahead of me; brake lights that could light up a Christmas tree. I translate that to “I act and behave upright when someone important is looking”

What Would Your Name Tag Say?
As a business leader, if you had to wear a name tag to describe who you and your business really are what would it say?

“Hello My Name is…..Afraid”
“Hello My Name Is…..Chaos”
“Hello My Name Is…..Bleeding Money”
“Hello My Name Is…..Bad Decisions”

But we don’t wear name tags in business, we wear facades. As long as I can fool everyone that the team, the business, and my performance are all good, then I can buy time until hopefully (cross your fingers here) all of this is actually true. As long as you look good on the outside, right? I mean, it works for Ken and Barbie.
As a business owner how do you expect to lead your company and team members if you’re not honest with who you are and how your business is doing?

Billy Joel “Honesty”

WALLS: Good for Buildings, Bad for People

Honesty: truth, candor, face reality

“I’m just looking at the positive side.” Great! Being positive is a start! But how long are you going to be so positive that you really start diluting the truth, avoiding the truth, and eventually, building a wall up to block the truth. Yes, you can do all those exercises where you look in the mirror and say, “I rock and my business rocks”, but those are just empty words if you aren’t taking action to change anything.
I’m not talking about being brutally honest with everyone you come in contact with; at least be brutally honest with SOMEONE! Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE, writes that “lack of candor is the biggest dirty little secret in business.”

Tony Robbins says, “We have the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to becoming more.” Can you really become more with your head in the sand?
How to Knock Down the Walls and Set Your Cruise

• Get a mentor to tell you like it is — a.k.a. Wise Counsel. By appointment, ActionCOACH will give you a complimentary honest assessment of where your business is operating at right now and action items to help move you in the right direction.
• Lead From the Inside Out – in other words, lead by example – How do you expect colleagues to be honest with you if you’re not honest with them?
• Talk about your “Liked Best / Next Time” with your business partners and/or team on all initiatives. This becomes a source for continuous improvement and learning.

Being truly honest in an organization creates a stronger, more realistic company that works to do the right thing, retain the best employees, and responds to and prospers in changing market conditions.

After all, you do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, not because someone has a radar gun on you.

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