Are Your Bad Habits Affecting Your Team’s Success?

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If you are ready to BE who you need to be and DO what you need to do you will to HAVE what you desire.

Ever hear the phrase “the more things change, the more they stay the same’?

Well, in my opinion, if you like living in your ‘comfort zone’ this is very true.
Another phrase I would like is, “To get what you have never had, you must do what you’ve never done”.
People who acquire wealth who have no idea how to nurture and grow them will soon find themselves without this wealth. A perfect example of this is Lotto winners.

Did you know that the percentage of Lotto winners are often broke within 5 years of their windfall? This is because they didn’t do what it takes to earn millions and therefore they keep the habits they always have which is usually living paycheck to paycheck. The following formula is a simple method to overcome this is.


What this means is if would like to HAVE millions of dollars, you need to DO what multimillionaires do and BE or think like a multimillionaire. So if you are used to being an average person, you know the things you need to know to be average and you think like an average person. You need to CHANGE the way you think and do to become the person you want to be.

How fast does this change occur? Well this is completely up to you. Setting goals and keeping yourself accountable to them will certainly make this happen faster. Let me add a few more ideas to help; educating yourself, finding a mentor, reading and putting together a vision board are just a few.
Why would you want to change? Take a self inventory, are you truly satisfied with your lifestyle right now. Are you able to give yourself and provide your family with a quality of life that you wish for? And one last thing, if you’re not learning and growing, you are dying….

Where can you find change? Within yourself, starting with the way you think. Online on the internet there is an exponential amount of information that will help you grow. Your spiritual leader, your significant other, friends, family or a mentor. Start somewhere and the path will grow.

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