Are You Doing the Best You Can Do?

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habitsLet’s look at a car salesman.  It’s assumed they are not doing the best they can do.  In an average car deal, there is at least 4-10 options that could lead up to the best they can do.  We all know the initial offer is not the best offer; we know there’s another step.

The reality is, in most cases, whatever we’re trying to accomplish in any given time frame, are we truly doing the best we can do?  Most times, it’s not.  Are we even asking ourselves that question at the end of the day; examining our efforts and finding out what we could have done differently?  Or are we just okay living with wherever we’re at?

When we’re helping our clients really drill down on their ideal clients, we want them to come up with twenty traits.  Inevitably, they will easily come up with the first 10 — male, between the ages of, blue collar worker, live in this area, do or don’t have kids.  The difficulty comes in the last 8-10 traits.  But here lies the information that really tells us something and the ah-ha moments happen.   ‘Hey, all of my best clients I love dealing with all work out at the same gym!’  Once they start to stretch it, they realize they’re tapping into a completely different level of information.

If we start with insufficient information, in this case, we may be basing a whole marketing campaign on incomplete data.  That doesn’t sound like the best we can do.

How about that snooze alarm?  Most people hit the snooze alarm an average of twice before actually getting out of bed.  If we hit the snooze alarm twice a day / 5 days a week / 52 weeks a year that’s 78 Hours!  Astonishing!  78 Hours!  How much more could we accomplish in 78 hours?

So, we have 3 choices:  keep doing what we’re doing, actually set our alarm for the time we plan to get up and gain 18 minutes of uninterrupted sleep, or decide to not snooze and get up 18 minutes earlier and be productive.

If you can’t consciously get up when you know you should, if you can’t consciously make a phone call when you know you should, if you can’t consciously schedule a meeting, if you can’t force yourself to do what you know you should be doing anyway, you are using the “snooze” button in a different fashion all day long.

Our success is largely based on our habits.  Look at all the habits that are limiting us—those habits could be a snooze alarm or listening to political talk radio that makes us crazy by the time we get to work.  If our routine is based largely on habits that are not getting us anywhere, it’s time to evaluate those habits and replace them with habits that align with ‘Yes, I am doing the best I can do!’

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