21 Myths Business Owners Fall Into

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20 Myths of unsuccessful business ownersAt ActionCOACH MN, attitude is everything.  For most of us, it says you’ll never get ahead, you’ll never win – just accept that this is the way your business is going to be forever.

Challenges in business are always circumstances we’re just passing through.  We’ve all had them and we’ve messed up a time or two (or three or a hundred).  The turning point comes when you’re attitude changes – you’re willing to own up, be accountable for your actions, and take all responsibility.

ActionCOACH MN has taken the most common excuses we hear from business owners who are up to their eyeballs in chaos and unwilling to change.  If you find yourself struggling with any of these myths, click on the headings to learn how to build your business and start on a new path.


1.  I’m too busy.

2.  I’ll do something after my busy season.

3.  It’s too late to change.

4.  I’m supposed to work 50+ hours a week — it’s normal.


5.  I don’t have any.

6.  I’ll wait until my busy season.

7. A budget doesn’t really work.

8.  Change is always expensive.

9. Next month will be better.

10.  I’m not losing that much money.

11.   If you’re “rich”, you can’t be trusted.

Other people…

12.  People aren’t buying.

13.  If my employees would just show up for work.

14.  I can’t find decent help.

15.  The government keeps taxing me.

Poor, Pitiful Me…

16.  The little man can’t get ahead.

17.  There’s just too much competition.

18.  My family has just enough — besides we love each other and that’s more important.


19. I have a degree — if I can’t figure it out, no one can.

20.  I know.

21.  Change is for people worse off than me.

If you want to win at business in the long run, you have to stop making excuses in the short term.  It’s as simple as that.  Change your attitude, and you’ll begin to change your business.

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